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Disney Wonder of Friendship – A New Immersive Experience

ExperiencesThemed ExperiencesDisney Wonder of Friendship - A New Immersive Experience

by Joe Tracy, editor of Theme Park Magazine

This summer, The Walt Disney Company will open a new traveling immersive experience, aimed at young adults, called Disney Wonder of Friendship: The Experience. The immersive and multisensory pop-up themed experience is part of the Disney100 (D100) global celebration of 100 years of Disney magic.  The experience will take guests on a Disneyfied immersive journey of fun and friendship.

Disney Wonder of Friendship: The Experience

Produced in partnership with Haygarth, Disney Wonder of Friendship takes Disney fans on an immersive adventure through four themed rooms, where several Disney characters will be part of the journey:

1: Garden of Mystery
Are you ready to enter the world of Alice in Wonderland? In the Garden of Mystery, guests will need to trust their friends as they journey through towering flowers, the Queen’s Card Guards, Mome Raths, and more in a haze-filled maze.

2: Ohana Bay
At Ohana Bay, guests join Lilo and Stitch to see what island life is like, recreated with sights, sounds, and smells. Guests can also jump on a surfboard at the beach.

3: Orchestral Oasis 
How well is your musical instinct and rhythm? At Orchestra Oasis, Disney will immerse guests into a musical adventure with The Lion King’s Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa. Hakuna Matata!

4: Wonderverse
In the last room, Wonderverse, guests will join Mickey and Friends, where the power of friendship will help bring characters to life in a bold fashion. 

QR Codes, Augmented Reality, Photo Spots, and Immersion

Things to expect when entering the immersive rooms include:

  • The ability to scan QR codes to bring Disney characters to life in the room via augmented reality.
  • Several themed photo spots to take friendship photos.
  • Immersion inside Disney worlds through projections, augmented reality, music, sounds, and smells.
  • A Disney memento to honor your friendships.
  • A printout of what Disney character friendships and guests share based on choices made during the experience (each guest interaction is tracked through the experience).

A Focus on Friendship

Disney Wonder of Friendship: The Experience will put a strong focus on friendship. Guests are encouraged to come together in pairs or groups of friends to get the maximum impact.

“Nostalgia is a powerful, social emotional experience,” says Dr Miriam Kirmayer, Clinical Psychologist & Friendship Expert. “The things that make us feel nostalgic tend to be those we have shared with the people we care most about. Reminiscing about shared memories increases the closeness we feel and encourages us to embrace that which initially brought us together.”

Through the 10,800 square feet Wonder of Friendship adventure, Disney hopes to remind guests of the bonds they make with others and the shared experiences that strengthen that bond.

Disney’s hope is that young adults traveling through the experience will be excited to take pictures, create new memories, and celebrate their friendships.

Disney Wonder of Friendship Tour Dates

Starting in the Summer of 2023, Disney Wonder of Friendship will tour the following locations:

  • London: May 12 – 21 at 180 The Strand
  • Berlin: June 9 – 18 at Radsetzerei
  • Paris: June 30 – July 9 at Le 104 

Wonder of Friendship FAQ

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Disney Wonder of Friendship promo video

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Joe Tracy, editor of Theme Park Magazine

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