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Writers Guidelines

Write for Theme Park Magazine!

Theme Park Magazine Writers Guidelines

Theme Park Magazine is seeking freelance writers who can contribute stories and articles on the theme park and themed entertainment industries. This includes themed attractions, dark rides, themed entertainment, themed environments, themed hotels, haunted houses, home haunts, etc. 

Who We Are

Theme Park Magazine is an online publication focused on publishing insightful stories that highlight themed experiences throughout the world. The publication, which launched June 1, 2021, targets theme park fans and those who work in the theme park and themed experience industries. 

Motto - Highlighting Themed Experiences.
Focus - Insightful articles on themed experiences, attractions, and parks.
Audience - Theme park enthusiasts and people working in the theme park and themed experiences industry.

What We Publish

Theme Park Magazine publishes articles about theme parks, themed experiences, themed hotels, dark rides, and themed restaurants. Behind-the-scenes and "making of" articles are also welcome.

Examples of theme parks: Disneyland (heavily themed), Universal Studios (heavily themed), SeaWorld, LEGOLAND, Liseberg, Movie Park Germany, Hersheypark, Gilroy Gardens, Phantasialand, Europa Park, Efteling, Alton Towers

Theme Park Magazine does not generally cover amusement parks that are made up mostly of flat rides and unthemed rides. 

Examples of themed experiences: Jurassic World: The Exhibition, Meow Wolf, haunted houses, home haunts, escape rooms, immersive virtual reality (experiences vs gaming), Area 15 (Las Vegas), dark rides (including ones not in theme parks), Puy du Fou

Examples of themed hotels: The Roxbury (New York), Sylvia Beach (Oregon), LEGOLAND Hotel, Hayema Heerd (Netherlands), Medieval Hotel Dětenice, Georgian House Hotel (London), Greenwood Fanta Suites, Alton Towers Hotel

Examples of themed restaurants: Rainforest Cafe, T-Rex Cafe, Space 2020, Rollercoaster Restaurant, Alice In A Labyrinth, Subsix

As you can see, we publish stories about themed attractions and experiences that are worldwide. 

What We Don't Publish

Theme Park Magazine does not publish trip reports, articles on non-themed rides, opinion pieces, advertorials, articles that have appeared elsewhere, and "guest" posts.

Article Submissions

Articles submitted to Theme Park Magazine should be:

- Original.
- At least 700 words.
- Fact base (we are not looking for opinion pieces).
- Timeless.

If you would like pre-approval for an article (not guaranteed that it will be accepted) then you can submit an outlined idea for consideration instead of an article.

Outlined ideas should contain an outline or summary of your proposed article.

Benefits of Writing for Theme Park Magazine

- Get paid to write about something you love! Currently, Theme Park Magazine is paying between $40 and $50 per accepted article (based on experience, quality of the article, and word length).
- Your name, picture, and bio will appear with the article.
- It helps build your expertise.


By submitting an article, you are giving Theme Park Magazine exclusive and all rights to the content. This means Theme Park Magazine takes full ownership of the article as its own, including all copyrights.

Lard Lad Donuts
Grizzly River Run

Writing Tips for Getting an Article Accepted

- Have a passion for what you are writing about.
- Do a lot of research into your topic.
- Avoid inserting your opinion into the article. 
- Avoid using AI generators to help with your article. Write from your heart and soul.
- Avoid fluff and sentences/words added just to pad the article.


Are you looking for columnists?
Yes, we are looking for freelance columnists with a great idea who can do weekly articles. If you have an original, unique, or fun idea for a column, let us know what it is and how you would approach it..

Will I have to fill out a 1099 form?
If you make more than $600 from Theme Park Magazine in a year then you will have to fill out a 1099 form.

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