Jurassic World Live Tour: Experience the Adventure in Person

by Spencer Bollettieri, freelance writer for Theme Park Magazine

As Jurassic Park celebrates its 30th anniversary, its biggest prehistoric stars return for an encore as part of the Jurassic World Live Tour. Although the Jurassic World trilogy claimed to “conclude the Jurassic Era,” the action-packed performance proves there are still stories to explore, adventures to embark on, and plenty to celebrate as audiences return to the iconic Isla Nuhlar for a larger-than-life encounter. After three decades, Jurassic World Live Tour isn’t ready to close the gates of its antecedent, but rather, welcome people back in to experience it in person.

Jurassic World Live Tour is more than a show and begins before the audience is seated. In the center of the arena, visitors can freely explore a pre-show exhibit. Vehicles such as the iconic Jurassic World gyrospheres and dinosaurs such as the gargantuan Triceratops are on full display, allowing guests to get a closer look while snapping a few selfies. Meanwhile, younger show-goers and fans of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous can meet baby Bumpy, the cartoon’s breakout star, in the coddling arms of a Jurassic World scientist. From the pre-show alone, people can appreciate just how much detail went into Jurassic World Live Tour’s props and puppetry while making them feel as if they’ve just come face to face with a living dinosaur.

Jurassic World Live Show

After guests are seated, the show begins with an in-universe travelogue explaining the lore of Jurassic World and its wondrous attractions. However, after seeing Isla Nublar as it appeared in the films, guests are transported into the center of a gyrosphere safari where they first meet Jeannie (short for “Genius”) and her handler Dr. Walker. Jeannie is a Troodon and the most intelligent dinosaur cloned by Jurassic World scientists. Through a “dino decoder,” Dr. Walker and her team can map out Jeannie’s emotions. Although, after being separated from Jeannie by the Indominous Rex, Dr. Walker, her colleague Dr. Riely, interns Allison and Chad, along with ACU agent Oscar find themselves in the middle of a dino-sized conspiracy as they return to Isla Nublar.

Jurassic World Live Tour is a predominantly family-friendly adventure that utilizes life-sized puppets, pyrotechnics, and stunt work. While many will enjoy the heartfelt story and characters, fans of the series will appreciate how it expands the Jurassic World mythos. Additionally, expect to see many fan favorites such as Blue, Bumpy, Rexy, and the Indominous Rex. Without being overly violent or too scary, Jurassic World Live Tour is an experience made with everyone in mind and spectacle at the heart of it. It’s a way to bring the best of Jurassic World to cities in a condensed, fun, and emotional performance.

Jurassic World Live Merchandise

As expected, merchandise is available for purchase throughout Jurassic World Live Tour. In addition to the usual t-shirts, plushies, and novelty snack containers, highlights include dino decoder replicas, novelty glasses reminiscent of Jurassic Park’s night vision goggles, and a Jurassic World-branded Dino Disc, a boomerang-like toy. Additionally, souvenir photographs are sold as keepsakes to commemorate the event.

About Jurassic World Live Tour

The unforgettable Jurassic World score and immersive projection and scenery transport you to the jungles of Isla Nublar. Watch as “real” Gyrospheres roll through the valley as scientists fight to save a new dinosaur. The show includes stunts, sets, props, and an original storyline that fits within the Jurassic World universe.

A collaboration between Feld Entertainment and Universal Live Entertainment, the Jurassic World Live Tour continues an extensive portfolio of projects that include Marvel Universe Live!, A Minion’s Perspective, and Jurassic World: The Exhibition. With Winter performances at the Barclays Center, Prudential Center, Total Mortgage Arena, and UBS Arena, Jurassic World Live is part of a 2023 North American tour, hitting more than two dozen cities. For further information, the Jurassic World Live website has a schedule of upcoming locations for those ready to embark on their Jurassic journey.

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All photos featured in this article were taken by Spencer Bollettieri except the main feature image with the T-Rex, which is courtesy of Feld Entertainment.

About Spencer Bollettieri: As a biologist, journalist, and writer, Spencer Bollettieri has written for sites such as Screen Rant. Although mostly based out of New York, he’s traveled the world in pursuit of new stories.

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