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About Universal Islands of Adventure

Universal Islands of Adventure, a cornerstone of the Universal Orlando Resort, opened its doors to eager explorers on May 28, 1999. A marvel of thematic design, Universal Islands of Adventure offers a captivating journey of exploration, plunging guests into a universe of thrills and spectacle through a collection of immersive themed islands.

A voyage to Universal Islands of Adventure is a step into a storybook where every turn reveals a new tale. Each island is a world of its own, filled with unique adventures that defy reality. Originally composed of six islands, the park has grown over time. In 2010, a seventh island, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, was introduced. This addition, an homage to the globally beloved Harry Potter franchise, was Universal’s most prominent investment since the resort’s inception in 1990 and caused a significant surge in attendance.

By 2013, Universal Islands of Adventure was ranked seventh domestically and eleventh internationally, hosting an impressive 8.1 million guests. The park continued its expansion with the unveiling of Skull Island in 2016, an eighth island inspired by the King Kong franchise, adding another layer to the park’s dynamic and diverse offerings.

The allure of Universal Islands of Adventure is its potent blend of intellectual properties. Unlike its sibling park, Universal Studios Florida, Universal Islands of Adventure hosts not only Universal-owned franchises but has also embraced a rich tapestry of characters and stories from other studios. These include the whimsical worlds of Dr. Seuss, the spinach-fueled adventures of Popeye, and the superhero sagas of pre-2009 Marvel Comics.

During Universal Islands of Adventure’s construction, Universal Studios Florida hosted an Islands of Adventure Preview Center, designed to give guests a taste of the new park’s themes and attractions.

Following a soft opening in March 1999, Universal Islands of Adventure officially welcomed visitors on May 28, 1999. Despite initial confusion over the park’s branding and relationship to Universal Studios Florida, a revamped marketing strategy in 2001 clarified Universal Islands of Adventure’s status as a separate entity filled with fresh rides and attractions.

Today, Universal Islands of Adventure stands as an enduring testament to Universal’s bold vision, a thrilling adventure park that continues to captivate millions with its innovative attractions and immersive storytelling, delivering on its promise of being a place where “The Adventure Begins.”

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