Cosmic Camp Space Adventure

A Look at New York’s Cosmic CAMP Family Space Adventure

New York is about to get another themed entertainment adventure in Cosmic CAMP, an 8,000 square foot intergalactic adventure for families. The themed area is envisioned as an add-on to the interactive CAMP stores. The first Cosmic CAMP experience is opening on September 6 at CAMP’s 110 5th Avenue, New York store.

When a family enters Cosmic CAMP through a “magic door,” they are introduced to a series of skill-based and physical cosmic challenges. As families compete they earn points as a team in an attempt to make it onto the daily or all-time Leaderboard.

Cosmic CAMP
Families walk through the Cosmic CAMP tunnel to a new adventure.

So what are these challenges?

Challenges and Attractions at Cosmic CAMP

  • Cosmic Launch Pad – Families go through a tunnel to the Launch Pad. Upon pressing a button, they will “blast off” (complete with “smoke” and “flames”) into space.
  • Space Station. The elevated Space Station provides ways to get to other areas of the experience via an “interactive teleportation tube.”
  • Remote Rovers. From the Space Station, adventurers can control Remote Rovers on an alien landscape.
  • Deep Space: This game has families throwing “asteroids” into black holes to collect coins.
  • Ice Caves: If adventurers find a secret room, they will find it leads to “ice caves” where adventurers must decode a mystery.
  • The Floor is Lava. Adventurers enter a 360-degree immersive space where they must stay on rocks because the rest of the ground is lava! This space is done with projection mapping and physical objects.

Cosmic CAMP occupies 8,000 square feet of space and utilizes augmented reality and projection-mapping technology that was designed in conjunction with Future Colossal which specializes in developing creative immersive and interactive spaces.

“Cosmic CAMP provides a real getaway for families that transports them into another world,” CAMP founder Ben Kaufman tells Theme Park Magazine. “After the year we have all had, we wanted to create an immersive experience that gets families out of their homes to enjoy something special together – we want to bring back fun!”

Floor is Lava
Can you keep from stepping on lava?

Other Cosmic CAMP Details

  • The per-person cost to enter Cosmic CAMP is $35.
  • Adventurers wear a space communicator bracelet that helps track the points they score.
  • The adventure lasts 60-75 minutes.

Cosmic CAMP is designed as a rotating themed experience. It will run at the 5th Avenue store through October 31 then will move to another CAMP location. CAMP has been developing a series of themed experiences to rotate throughout its stores. This allows people to have new experiences every few months.

CAMP – Changing the Way Families Shop

CAMP is a “Family Experience Company” that has unique interactive stores in seven U.S. locations. The concept behind CAMP is to create shopping and interactive experiences that are just as fun for kids as they are for adults.

CAMP was created by Ben Kaufman who was BuzzFeed’s Chief Marketing Officer prior to starting CAMP. During the COVID-19 pandemic, CAMP created an online shopping experience for kids.

CAMP’s six stores are located in New York, Texas, California, and Connecticut.

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Images courtesy of CAMP

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