A new Dragon Ball theme park is being built in Saudi Arabia

Power Up! Dragon Ball Theme Park Being Built in Saudi Arabia

by Joe Tracy, editor of Theme Park Magazine

Anime enthusiasts worldwide will soon have the chance to enter the iconic world of Dragon Ball. Qiddiya City, Saudi Arabia, has been confirmed as the groundbreaking location for the world’s first Dragon Ball theme park. This project results from a landmark partnership between Qiddiya and Toei Animation, the powerhouse Japanese studio responsible for the original Dragon Ball animation. The park aims to deliver immersive experiences, thrilling rides, and unforgettable Dragon Ball-themed attractions for fans of all ages. The announcement of the theme park was made by Qiddiya Investment Company (QIC). The master planner for the park is Falcon’s Creative Group.

An Inside Look at the Dragon Ball Theme Park

The world’s first Dragon Ball theme park promises to be a sprawling, action-packed spectacle covering over 123 acres. Guests will step into the legendary world of Dragon Ball, where iconic locations, epic battles, and cherished characters come to life.

Guests will journey through seven unique zones inspired by the mythical Dragon Balls, immersing themselves in the anime’s rich history, from the classic Dragon Ball saga to the action-packed Dragon Ball Super. There will be many areas to explore, including faithfully recreated landmarks like Kame House, Capsule Corporation, and even Beerus’ Planet.

“We are pleased to be partnering with Toei Animation, bringing their rich legacy of pioneering contributions to the anime industry to Qiddiya City,” says Abdullah Aldawood, Managing Director of Qiddiya Investment Company. “Dragon Ball theme park is a celebration of the diverse and vibrant world of anime, offering a unique blend of thrills, family-friendly attractions, and immersive entertainment for everyone.”

The park will boast over 30 thrilling rides, including five groundbreaking attractions designed to push the limits of amusement park experiences. A highlight will be a massive 70-meter-tall Shenron landmark, which will house a unique rollercoaster experience. After a day of adventure, guests can relax at themed hotels and savor themed meals in towering structures.

At night, the park will come to life with a Dragon Ball-themed drone show, special effects, and fireworks.

Qiddiya City: Capital of Play

Qiddiya City, where the Dragon Ball theme park will be located, is a massive entertainment and tourism complex under development near Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This ambitious project aims to diversify the nation’s economy and give citizens and visitors more leisure and cultural opportunities. The Dragon Ball theme park will be a flagship attraction within Qiddiya City, which is envisioned as a global hub for sports, entertainment, and the arts. The goal of Qiddiya City is to become the “worldwide capital of play.”

“Our collaboration with Qiddiya marks a key milestone, offering fans a one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience the epic adventures of Dragon Ball first-hand in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” says Katsuhiro Takagi, President of Toei Animation. “The reveal of the world’s only Dragon Ball theme park is a testament to the timeless legacy of the Dragon Ball franchise.”

Qiddiya City promises to unveil even more ambitious and immersive projects in the future, expanding its extraordinary entertainment offerings. A Six Flags theme park has already been announced.

Dragon Ball Theme Park Promo

As part of the theme park announcement, the following promo video was released:

Dragon Ball Theme Park Details

  • Location: Qiddiya City, Saudi Arabia (near Riyadh)
  • Project Partners: Qiddiya Investment Company (QIC), Toei Animation, Bird Studio
  • Size: 123 acres
  • Estimated Opening: Construction is underway, but an official opening date has yet to be announced.

Key Features:

  • Over 30 attractions planned
  • Five groundbreaking rides
  • 70-meter tall Shenron landmark with rollercoaster
  • Themed zones based on iconic Dragon Ball locations
  • Hotels and restaurants

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