Willy Wonka's WonkyVision

Epic Universe Unveils Willy Wonka Experience: WonkyVision

by Joe Tracy, editor of Theme Park Magazine
April 1, 2024

Universal Epic Universe is expanding its whimsical offerings with a unique addition to the Celestial Park land: WonkyVision. This immersive experience draws inspiration from the classic tale of Willy Wonka and promises to transport guests into a world of pure imagination similar to the experience in Scotland.

WonkyVision: The Authentic Experience will allow guests to embark on a self-guided visualization journey. This gives visitors the unique opportunity to experience Willy Wonka’s world entirely within their mind… and possibly question their life choices leading up to this moment.

Pushing Boundaries – an Authentically New Immersive Experience

“We’re pushing the boundaries of minimalist design,” declares Molly Murphy, president of Universal Creative. “Wonkyvision is a post-modern take on a beloved classic, celebrating the austerity and disappointment that lie at the heart of certain… unauthorized fan events.”

Murphy is a champion of delivering cutting-edge, authentically immersive experiences and sees the Scotland event as a benchmark for disrupting traditional expectations.

“We studied the Scotland event with laser-focus, analyzing every detail to ensure maximum… authenticity,” says Murphy. “Those who experienced the crushing sense of underwhelmingness firsthand will feel right at home in our meticulously crafted emptiness.”

For the WonkyVision experience, Universal Creative consulted with the House of Illuminati and its owner, Billy Coull, which put on the well-publicized event in Scotland that went viral.

“When people experience Wonkyvision, they’ll finally understand my genius,” Coull tells Theme Park Magazine. “It wasn’t about incompetence; it was a profound commentary on the fleeting nature of hype. I was an artist ahead of my time… or perhaps everyone has just caught up to my level of chaos. Either way, Epic Universe will be cutting me a check… I think.”

A Walk Through WonkyVision

The experience starts when guests enter a warehouse called the “WonkyVision Imaginarium.” They will walk through Willy Wonka-inspired rooms, similar to the Scotland experience, with seating where guests can relax, close their eyes, and bring the room to life in their imagination.

Wonka Bridge of Wonder: Guests must walk over a bridge in which a large teddy bear troll guards.

Oompa-Loopa Break Room: See a volunteer actor portray an oompa-loompa on break!

Chocolate Water Fall: Feast on this massive 12-foot-tall waterfall of chocolate!

Fizzy Lifting Room: “Bubbles fall from the ceiling, and as guests stand under them because the bubbles are moving downward, they feel as if they are moving upwards, even though they are perfectly still,” says Coull. “It’s like magic!”

Many other rooms also bring to life the despair of a hastily thrown-together, non-licensed Wonka experience.

In the final room of the experience, the Wonka Imagination room, guests will encounter a life-size statue of the actual Willy Wonka carved out of expired chocolate. As guests exit, each will be given one marble that doubles as “an Everlasting Gobstopper.”

After the experience, guests can attend a special “Veruca Salt’s I WANT IT NOW” workshop where a barely-trained therapist will help them manage anger, particularly those who found the experience underwhelming.

About WonkyVision: The Authentic Experience

“This experience is not about flashy technology; WonkyVision boldly confronts the tyranny of expectations,” says Karen Irwin, the President and Chief Operating Officer of Universal Orland Resort. “We’re freeing our guests from the burden of childish notions like ‘fun’ and ‘chocolate rivers.’ This is the ultimate immersive experience for anyone who’s ever waited an hour for a ride…only to be profoundly underwhelmed.”

According to Irwin, hundreds of thousands of people posted online that they wished they could have experienced Willy’s Chocolate Experience in Scotland. “Now they can,” she says. “Welcome to WonkyVision!”

Coull agrees. “Universal has taken that feeling of pure disappointment I crafted in Scotland and turned it into a full-blown theme park philosophy… It’s impressive and a bit horrifying.”

WonkyVision: The Authentic Experience will open with Epic Universe in early 2025.

Willy Wonka’s WonkaVision Promo Song:

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