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Disneyland Reimagining ‘it’s a small world’ with a Ring-Toss Twist

By Joe Tracy, editor of Theme Park Magazine
April 1, 2023

Disneyland is taking a bold, whimsical leap into the world of carnival games with its latest reimagining of the beloved “it’s a small world” attraction. Set to debut in exactly one year, “It’s a Toss World” invites guests to test their ring-toss skills by aiming at the ride’s iconic international characters.

According to Walt Disney Company CEO Bog Iger, retheming rides and attractions is vital to its theme park growth, like when they turn animated movies into live-action ones.

it's a small world exterior
The outside of It’s a Toss World will remain untouched.

The new “It’s a Toss World” idea took shape after the wild success of another imaginative ride.

“The incredible success of Web Slingers heavily influenced this new idea at Disney California Adventure Park,” says Iger. “People love sitting in a rectangular box flailing their arms all around at screens. We thought, what if they could flail their arms on a boat but with rings!”

“it’s a small world” Rethemed Experience

Guests will embark on a boat equipped with an abundant supply of wooden rings. As the boat floats through the show building, participants enthusiastically fling their rings, aiming to hook them onto the heads, limbs, or accessories of the tuneful figurines. Upon each successful connection, the dolls will exclaim one of three witty catchphrases in multiple languages:

  • “Ringtastic! You’ve got skills!”
  • “You gave me a ring! Let’s get married!”
  • “Ring-a-link, we have a winner!”

Josh D’Amaro, Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products, says there’s much more to the ride than throwing rings.

“It’s not just about tossing rings at singing dolls,” D’Amaro explained. “It’s about fostering a sense of togetherness and friendly competition among our guests as they immerse themselves in this delightful, ring-toss adventure.”

New postcards will replace old ones on the reimagined "it's a small world" ride.
Other parts of “it’s a small world” retheming/redesign will also be changed, including the end.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Disney attraction without a few surprises. The legendary “it’s a small world” song will be given a new spin with an energetic remix by acclaimed polka sensation Weird Al Yankovic.

“Get ready for accordion solos and zany lyrics,” D’Amaro promised. “Weird Al’s unique musical style is the perfect match for our ring-toss adventure.”

Not Everyone is on Board for Redesign

While some critics have raised concerns that the ring-toss concept strays from the original intent of “it’s a small world,” Disney remains steadfast.

“We’re certainly pushing the envelope a bit,” Iger admitted. “But ultimately, our goal is to create unforgiveable… I mean unforgettable memories for our guests – and what’s more memorable than a global ring-toss tournament with animatronic characters?”

Disney may explore similar concepts for other classic attractions if “It’s a Toss World” proves popular. Guests aboard Pirates of the Caribbean could be invited to participate in a swashbuckling adventure with water cannons, while the Mad Tea Party might incorporate a spinning plate challenge.

Editor’s Note: An anonymous source that works for Walt Disney Imagineering sent Theme Park Magazine the initial lyrics from Weird Al Yankovic for “It’s a Toss World.” Here they are:

New Weird Al Yankovic Lyrics for “It’s a Toss World”:

It’s a toss world, now don’t delay,
Rings in hand, we’re here to play.
From pole to pole, we’ll toss with flair,
Launching rings high up in the air!

It’s a toss world after all,
It’s a toss world after all,
It’s a toss world after all,
It’s a toss, toss world!

In New York, we’re hailing cabs,
Throw a ring, let’s make a grab.
Aim for landmarks, near and far,
Toss your ring, and you’ll be a star!

It’s a toss world after all,
It’s a toss world after all,
It’s a toss world after all,
It’s a toss, toss world!

Polka time! Grab a partner, join the spree,
As we toss rings ’round the world with glee.
From the Eiffel Tower to the Great Wall,
Ring-toss adventures for one and all!

In Egypt, pyramids we will scale,
Tossing rings without a fail.
From outer space to the ocean floor,
Our tossing game will never bore!

It’s a toss world after all,
It’s a toss world after all,
It’s a toss world after all,
It’s a toss, toss world!

So gather ’round, and join the quest,
As we put our ring-toss skills to the test.
In this small world, we all can play,
A thrilling game that’s here to stay!

It’s a toss world after all,
It’s a toss world after all,
It’s a toss world after all,
It’s a toss, toss world!

Editor’s Note: The leaked lyrics are based on information from an individual in Walt Disney Imagineering. We don’t generally publish information from anonymous sources, but we’ve known Bruce for a long time, and he has always been spot on.

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