Epic Universe

Universal Orlando Resort Partners with Lucky Generals for Epic Universe Launch

Universal Orlando Resort is setting the stage for an extraordinary leap in theme park entertainment with the upcoming launch of Epic Universe. In a strategic move to amplify excitement and draw global attention, the resort has enlisted the creative prowess of Lucky Generals, a leading advertising agency known for its innovative and impactful campaigns.

A Partnership Born from Creative Ambition

After a competitive selection process, Lucky Generals emerged victorious against two other top US agencies, securing the mandate to lead the promotional efforts for Universal Orlando Resort. This collaboration will be orchestrated from the agency’s New York office, emphasizing the goal of reasserting Universal Orlando Resort as the premier vacation destination for domestic and international visitors and theme park enthusiasts.

“Universal Orlando Resort is designed to elicit big emotions, and we can’t wait to do the same through the stories we tell,” said Danny Brooke-Taylor, Founder at Lucky Generals. “To be able to make ads for a product launch like Epic Universe will truly lead to agency-defining work for our New York office.”

Universal Orlando Resort comprises three theme parks: Universal Studios Florida, Universal Islands of Adventure, and Universal Volcano Bay Water Theme Park. The addition of a fourth park, Epic Universe, is poised to elevate the Universal Orlando experience and introduce its most immersive theme park adventure in almost 25 years.

Epic Universe: A New Realm of Immersion

Epic Universe aims to redefine theme park excitement by unveiling five unique immersive worlds. These include the enchanting Wizarding World of Harry Potter—Ministry of Magic, the adventurous Super Nintendo World, the mythical How to Train Your Dragon—Isle of Berk, the mysterious Dark Universe, and the serene Celestial Park. This expansion is a testament to Universal Orlando Resort’s commitment to innovation and guest experience, setting a new benchmark for theme park design and immersion.

The Creative Force Behind the Magic

Lucky Generals, with a reputation for crafting compelling narratives and engaging audiences, is overseeing this monumental project. The agency’s approach is characterized by its creativity, strategic insight, and a keen understanding of human desires.

Founded in 2013, Lucky Generals has quickly ascended to the forefront of the advertising world, championing a broad spectrum of creative solutions that go beyond traditional advertising. This partnership with Universal Orlando Resort is not just a project; it’s a mission to push the boundaries of storytelling and brand engagement. With offices in London and New York, Lucky Generals is poised to leverage its global perspective and creative expertise to bring Epic Universe to life.

Looking Ahead: The Journey to 2025

As Universal Orlando Resort prepares for Epic Universe’s grand opening in the summer of 2025, all eyes are on Lucky Generals to deliver a campaign that matches the park’s grandeur and innovation. This partnership marks a pivotal moment in theme park marketing, blending imagination with strategic acumen to herald the arrival of a new age in entertainment. The countdown to 2025 has begun, promising to unveil a universe of epic adventures and lasting memories for guests from around the globe.

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