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Welcome to Theme Park Magazine

Greetings, fellow theme park lovers!

It all started with a spark of inspiration on May 27, 2000. Today, 21 years later, that dream has become a reality – Theme Park Magazine, your new online home for celebrating the magic of themed experiences!

Our mission is simple: “Highlighting themed experiences.” We’re here to explore the worlds, stories, and brilliant minds behind your favorite immersive adventures.

Theme Park Magazine is a place for everyone. We believe the joy of theme parks is amplified when shared, so you’ll find us cheering on other creators, publishers, and fellow fans in this space. Collaboration makes the ride even more thrilling!

Like any grand opening, we’re still putting some finishing touches in place. Expect Theme Park Magazine to evolve and expand in exciting ways over the upcoming months and years.

Right now, we’re optimized for desktop and laptop viewing, but we’ll soon be offering a more mobile-friendly experience!

Thank you for joining us on this fantastic journey. My inbox is always open to hear your thoughts and ideas:

Remember, it’s never too late to chase your dreams,

Joe Tracy, Editor
Theme Park Magazine – Highlighting Themed Experiences

P.S. Ever heard of Enchanted Forest? We’re kicking things off with the inspiring story of Roger Tofte, who began building his beloved park at 34. Read our first Spotlight story, “Start at Castle: The Making of Enchanted Forest,” and be inspired!

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