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(June 1, 2021) Theme Park Magazine started as an idea on May 27, 2000. Now, 21 years later, it is finally a reality as an online publication for theme park enthusiasts and those behind the theme park magic.

Our mantra for Theme Park Magazine is “highlighting themed experiences.” The purpose is to “explore themed experiences and their innovators in creative and insightful ways.”

Theme Park Magazine is an inclusive publication. We aim to lift up all enthusiasts, so you will see us promoting other theme park publishers, YouTubers, associations, and companies. We don’t see competitors; we see fellow fans. Working together makes the experience better for everyone.

When Walt Disney opened Disneyland on July 17, 1955, not everything was operational. Such is the case with Theme Park Magazine. Watch us grow and expand in the days and months ahead.

Although Theme Park Magazine is available via different platforms, it is currently designed and optimized for viewing via desktop or laptop.

Thank you for joining Theme Park Magazine on this journey. Please know that my door is open to you. You can reach me via

It’s never too late to fulfill your dreams,

Joe Tracy, Editor
Theme Park Magazine

P.S. Roger Tofte was 34 years old when he started to build Enchanted Forest. It was seven years later when it opened to the public. Now he’s 91 years old and still pouring cement and patching areas of the park. I hope you take the time to read our first Spotlight story, “Start at Castle: The Making of Enchanted Forest.”

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