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Disney Encanto x CAMP Brings The Madrigals to Manhattan

by Spencer Bollettieri, freelance writer for Theme Park Magazine

In New York, families come in all shapes and sizes, but there are none quite like the Madrigal family from Disney’s Encanto, who recently moved into CAMP’s 5th avenue location. Among the most popular animated films of all time, Encanto spellbound audiences with its story, characters, and catchy soundtrack. However, for the first time, guests can explore La Casita and celebrate with La Familia Madrigal in a new interactive experience.

Disney’s Partnership with CAMP Brings Magical Experiences

“Disney Encanto x CAMP” is part of a partnership with Disney that continues to bring families together and new offerings to stores across New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Los Angeles, New Jersey, and Texas. Having collaborated previously on “Mickey & Friends x CAMP: An Extra Big Adventure,” their latest project brings something new to their Manhattan store as guests become part of Encanto’s colorful world.  Familiar locations, favorite characters, and interactive exhibits come together in “Disney Encanto x CAMP” to create a 6,000-square-foot celebration. “It is a privilege to have created a show with such a strong sense of family and identity behind our very own Magic Door. NYC Families will feel a part of the rich community so integral to the film right here at CAMP!” says CAMP’s Co-Founder and CEO Ben Kaufman, who is proud of the store’s latest experience.

Isabela's room at the Disney Encanto X CAMP experience in New York (picture courtesy of ©CAMP/Disney)
Isabela’s room at the Disney Encanto X CAMP experience in New York (picture courtesy of ©CAMP/Disney)

The Disney Encanto CAMP Experience

It’s in an unassuming novelty shop, where the adventure begins as visitors gather around CAMP’s magic doors. With assistance from CAMP counselors and the magic brought in by their younger guests, shelves open up, and in they go into the world of Encanto. The first stop is La Placita, a Latin-American shopping square, where a dedicated choir of serenading counselors welcome everybody with a sing-along of “The Family Madrigal.” Once the song ends and the self-guided experience starts, guests can walk around La Placita, where they can shop in an Epcot-quality cultural attraction. Able to buy books, plushies, and costumes, along with exclusive customizable clothing based on characters from the film, CAMP prides itself on the talent of its crafters. However, guests will easily get lost in the level of detail; and immersion La Placita offers before even entering the home of the Madrigal family.

The stunning Encanto Courtyard at Disney Encanto x CAMP (picture courtesy of ©CAMP/Disney)
The stunning Encanto Courtyard at Disney Encanto x CAMP (picture courtesy of ©CAMP/Disney)

When guests are ready to tour La Casita, they “explore the doors” with the aid of borrowed enchanted candles that unleash the house’s magic. In Isabela’s room, people can spin in giant flowers, learn to dance, and relax on a suspended bed of vines. Meanwhile, Bruno’s room has hidden tunnels to explore, games of whack-a-rat, and the company of his rodent friends to entertain those who wish to sit a spell in his comfy chair. Also, visitors can read in Mirabel’s nursery or wander through Antonio’s jungle as part of the experience.  However, for the first time, fans of Encanto can also uncover the mysteries of Luisa’s and Pepa’s previously unseen rooms. There’s a lot to do and explore as the candles bring La Casita to life.

Throughout CAMP’s hour-long excursion, visitors can expect sing-alongs and character encounters that allow them to relive their favorite moments from Encanto. Although, what truly makes this an authentic Encanto experience is that members of the film’s cast, like Stephanie Beatriz (Mirabel) and John Leguizamo (Bruno), have lent their voices and could be heard throughout the attraction.

We Don't Talk About Bruno (photo by Spencer Bollettieri)
We Don’t Talk About Bruno (photo by Spencer Bollettieri)

Disney Encanto x CAMP is a Free-Roaming Experience

Unlike “Mickey & Friends x CAMP: An Extra Big Adventure,” which was a guided escape room geared more towards children, “Disney Encanto x CAMP” is a free-roaming experience for all ages. Fans of Encanto will have an opportunity to explore the movie in a way that has yet to be attempted by Disney and enjoy a family celebration unlike any other found in New York City. Full of culture, catchy songs, and magic, there’s no doubt Madrigal’s will be at home in Manhattan.

Other CAMP Locations

CAMP experiences continue to expand throughout the U.S. Experiences like Disney Encanto x CAMP move from one location to another. Right now, CAMP locations include:

  • 5th Avenue – New York
  • Columbus Circle – New York
  • Hudson Yards – New York
  • City Point – Brooklyn
  • Burlington Mall – Boston
  • The Hill – Dallas
  • Century City – Los Angeles
  • Garden State Plaza – New Jersey
  • South Norwalk – Connecticut

Editor’s Note: We are extremely impressed with the amazing progression of CAMP experiences. This is what themed experiences are all about! Read our other CAMP articles.

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About Spencer Bollettieri: As a biologist, journalist, and writer, Spencer Bollettieri has written for sites such as Screen Rant. Although mostly based out of New York, he’s traveled the world in pursuit of new stories.

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