Fantasy Dream - Lotte World

Ride Video: Fantasy Dream Train Ride

Fantasy Dream is a train ride at Lotte World Adventure in Seoul, South Korea. The theme park describes the ride as a fantasy train ride the explores the underground fantasy land of candy and animal dolls.

Fantasy Dream Train Ride Video

This YouTube video of the Fantasy Dream ride is by Attractions 360.

About Fantasy Dream

Fantasy Dream is located at the Magic Island section of Lotte World Adventure. The theme park is part of a much larger entertainment complex in Seoul.

The dark ride vehicle is a “train” with six seats. Battaglia, Inc. created the tracked dark ride. Guests embark on a six-minute journey that starts by going through a clown’s mouth and into a colorful world of singing candy, furry creatures, and a stuffed dragon.

Guests describe the ride as “colorful,” “weird,” and “trippy.” It was built in the early 1990s.

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