The Forbidden Territory Ride

Ride Video: Forbidden Territory at IMG Worlds of Adventure

The Forbidden Territory is a dinosaur dark ride located at IMG Worlds of Adventure in Dubai, U.A.E. The ride opened in 2016. IMG Worlds of Adventure is the largest indoor theme park in Dubai.

Forbidden Territory Ride Video

Here is the Forbidden Territory ride video, courtesy of YouTube channel Attractions 360:

Forbidden Territory Ride Experience

As you enter the queue for The Forbidden Territory you can tell something isn’t right. Things are strewn here and there, seemingly out of place. Guests are given an alert that a volcanic eruption is imminent and its vital to get some hypacrosaurus dinosaur eggs. But that could come at a cost.

Loading into off-road jeeps, guests embark on the journey which goes seemingly smooth at first. But things quickly get out of hand and guests find themselves in a battle with a T-Rex. Can you escape the T-Rex and get back to base camp with hypacrosaurus eggs?

Forbidden Territory Info:

Year Opened: 2016
Ride Time: Approximately 4 Minutes
Animatronics: More than 40
Designers: Falcon’s Creative Group
Ride System Developer: Oceaneering

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Caged dinosaurs being transported to IMG Worlds of Adventure

Forbidden Territory Promo video

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