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Rainforest Cafe Dark Ride – River Adventure in Galveston, Texas

Theme ParksRide the RidesRainforest Cafe Dark Ride - River Adventure in Galveston, Texas

by Joe Tracy, Editor of Theme Park Magazine
(last updated June 2, 2022)

Deep in the jungle, a group of explorers set out on a river adventure, coming across many forms of animal life. This may sound like the Jungle Cruise or a ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, but in reality, it is a great dark ride that few people know about – Rainforest Cafe: River Adventure.

Wait, “Rainforest Cafe has a dark ride?”

Yes, they do. The River Adventure is a dark ride in Galveston, Texas that is part of Rainforest Cafe. You can eat in a themed environment, then go on the themed ride. Not many people are aware of this ride. It’s not even mentioned on the Rainforest Cafe Galveston Website (as of this writing)!

Let’s go on the adventure, then learn more about it through an FAQ:

Rainforest Cafe: River Adventure Ride

Rainforest Cafe River Adventure Ride FAQ

To learn more about the Rainforest Cafe: River Adventure ride, we’ve put together the following River Adventure Ride FAQ:

Explore More (Videos)

Mark Michael World Tours Rainforest Cafe in Galveston, Texas

Rainforest Cafe Erupting Volcano

Video of the ride from 2013 by Amusement Planet

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