Ride Video: Mystic Manor Enchants at Hong Kong Disneyland

Welcome to Mystic Manor. Inside this large Victorian home, at a place called Mystic Point, is the private museum of explorer and art collector Lord Henry Mystic. Guests have been invited to take a tour of this private museum to see the amazing artifacts that Mystic has collected over the years. Mystic’s companion is a monkey named Albert who has taken a special interest in a newly acquired artifact – an enchanted music box.

Let’s join Albert on this journey through Mystic Manor:

Hong Kong Disneyland Mystic Manor Ride

The following video, taken by the WDW News Today YouTube channel, provides you with the full experience, including the queue and the preshow. The ride portion begins at 8:50.

Mystic Manor Story

Guests are invited to tour the private collection of Lord Henry Mystic. Upon entering the home they are greeted with several pictures, including one showing Lord Henry rescuing a monkey, Albert, from a big spider. After this, Albert and Lord Henry became inseparable. Guests gather where Lord Henry shares slides and stories about his latest collections. He also mentions an enchanted music box, which piques the interest of Albert.

Lord Henry has created the Mystic Magneto, an electric carriage that guests can board to tour the museum. After guests board, they are taken to the Acquisitions and Cataloguing Room where Albert finds the enchanted music box and opens it. Suddenly objects throughout the house become enchanted and “spring to life.” It definitely makes for a much more interesting tour.

Mystic Manor Ride History

The Mystic Manor ride was part of a new “land” at Hong Kong Disneyland called “Mystic Point.” Mystic Manor opened to the public on May 17, 2013, along with Mystic Point. The small land is made up of Mystic Manor, Garden of Wonders, Explorer’s Club Restaurant, The Archive Shop, and the Mystic Point Freight Depot.

Mystic Manor Ride FAQ

Why are there no ghosts or spirits on the Mystic Manor ride?

According to an article titled, “The Many Haunted Mansions of Disney Theme Parks” by HowStuffWorks:

“Cultural views of the afterlife in China are much different than in the West, so Mystic Manor contains no spirits or ghosts whatsoever, though the ride does have veiled references to its American and European counterparts.”

How many rooms/scenes are in the Mystic Manor ride?

Mystic Manor

There are nine unique rooms/scenes on the ride as follows:
1) Acquisitions and Cataloguing Room
2) Music Room
3) Mediterranean Antiquities
4) Solarium Room
5) Slavic-Nordic Chamber
6) Arms & Armour room
7) Egyptian Antiquities room
8) Tribal Arts room.
9) Chinese Salon
(return to Acquisitions and Cataloguing Room)

Who created the Mystic Manor ride music?

Danny Elfman - Mystic Manor Music

The music for Mystic Manor was composed by famous composer Danny Elfman. See our Explore More (Videos) section below to see a clip of Elfman talking about the music for the ride.

Elfman has also scored more than 100 major motion picture movies. He has won two Emmy awards and a Grammy award. Elfman won his first Emmy for his Desperate Housewives TV series score.

It’s very rare for Elfman to score a theme park ride, making his score for Mystic Manor all the more special.

What type of ride is Mystic Manor?

Mystic Manor is a trackless dark ride that explores the private collection of Lord Henry Mystic. The ride opened in 2013, at a time where there were still just a small handful of trackless dark rides around the world. The first trackless dark ride by Disney was Pooh’s Hunny Hunt at Tokyo Disneyland in Japan.

Is it true there is a picture of Walt Disney on the Mystic Manor ride?

In the ride queue for Mystic Manor, there is a picture of the ribbon-cutting for Lord Henry’s Mystic Manor home. Among the people at the fabricated ribbon-cutting ceremony is Walt Disney.

Explore More (Videos)

Secrets, Story, and History of Mystic Manor

Danny Elfman about making the music for the Mystic Manor ride at Hong Kong Disneyland

Disney Parks has access to video and angles that normal guests don’tm making this a “must-see” video.

Explore More (Resources)

WDW News Today YouTube Channel
Disneyland Hong Kong Mystic Manor Page


What’s your favorite thing about this ride? The story? The music? That it’s trackless? Tell us below or on our Facebook post.

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