Nemesis Reborn at Alton Towers

Nemesis Reborn Coaster to Open March 16 at Alton Towers

by Theme Park Magazine

Alton Towers, the renowned Staffordshire theme park, is set to reopen its legendary Nemesis roller coaster, now reimagined and renamed as Nemesis Reborn, on March 16. This announcement comes after an extensive refurbishment that began in November 2022, transforming the ride into a modern marvel for a new generation of thrill-seekers.

Nemesis Reborn: A Spectacular Reveal

In a unique spectacle, Alton Towers signaled the much-anticipated return of the iconic Nemesis roller coaster, now reborn as Nemesis Reborn, with the appearance of a giant, blazing orange eye measuring seven meters in width at Cannock Chase, known for its mysterious sightings and alien ambiance for decades.

The spectacle was caught on camera and released as a teaser video by Alton Towers with the following description:

“Back with a vengeance…16.03.2024.

Spotted in the notorious alien hotspot, Cannock Chase, a fearsome creature, fury heightened and more uncontrollable than ever before.

Nemesis Reborn…Are you ready?”

Reviving a Legendary Thrill Ride

The rebirth of Nemesis into Nemesis Reborn is the culmination of a meticulous refurbishment process that began in late 2022. This comprehensive overhaul included replacing the entire track and completely reimagining the ride’s central figure, the Nemesis beast. Utilizing state-of-the-art audiovisual technology, designers have vividly brought the creature’s menacing eye to life, surrounded by razor-sharp teeth, symbolizing its evolution into a more fearsome predator.

Embarking on an Immersive Adventure

Nemesis Reborn invites guests into a richly crafted narrative in which the once-imprisoned creature, held captive by the enigmatic organization The Phalanx, breaks free to seek vengeance. This storyline enriches the Forbidden Valley, transforming it into a realm of mystery and intrigue. Visitors are immediately thrust into this compelling tale, surrounded by new immersive elements that enhance the experience from the very first moment.

Celebrating a Cult Phenomenon

Since its debut in 1994 as Europe’s inaugural inverted roller coaster, Nemesis has earned a special place in the hearts of coaster enthusiasts worldwide, celebrated for its intense G-force and high-speed twists and turns. Nemesis Reborn retains the essence of the original ride while incorporating modern technological and storytelling advancements, ensuring that it remains a premier attraction for adrenaline seekers.

Nemesis Reborn

Nemesis Reborn towers at a height of 42.7 feet, yet its cleverly adapted landscape allows for a thrilling 104-foot drop. Spanning 2,349 feet in length, the ride propels thrill-seekers to up to 50 mph speeds. The journey features four inversions: two corkscrews, a zero-g roll, and a vertical loop, offering riders a sensation of 3.5 times the force of gravity during its 80-second duration. The ride has two steel and fiberglass trains, each comprising eight cars. With each car designed to accommodate four riders in a single row, up to 32 adventurers can experience the ride simultaneously on each train.

Here’s how Alton Towers describes the ride:

“Venture into Forbidden Valley to encounter this fearsome creature, fury heightened and more uncontrollable than ever before, sending riders through terrifying inversions aboard this intense rollercoaster that leaves thrill-seekers exhilarated. 

Nemesis Reborn invites the bravest thrill-seekers among the many who visit to take in the incredible power of its unruly domain. Tackling dominating drops and intense inversions aboard the ride, where control is a mere illusion, the Phalanx has lost all strength, and now it’s your turn to encounter this terrifying creature.

A Commitment to Thrilling Innovation

Bianca Sammut, Divisional Director at Alton Towers Resort, expressed pride in the project, emphasizing the delicate balance between preserving the ride’s beloved characteristics and introducing cutting-edge features.

“Throughout its first 30 years, Nemesis captured the imagination of millions of thrillseekers from around the globe,” said Saammut. “It’s been an astonishing privilege to bring this truly iconic ride into the 21st century. We’ve retained its essential DNA while harnessing the most state-of-the-art technology and immersive storytelling techniques to ensure it will retain its status as a truly unrivaled rollercoaster experience for a whole new generation.”

A New Legacy Begins

The transformation of Nemesis into Nemesis Reborn is more than just an upgrade; it represents an ongoing new era for roller coaster experiences, blending tradition with innovation to create more immersive encounters. With its rich backstory, enhanced thematic elements, and thrilling ride dynamics, Nemesis Reborn is poised to become a new legend, inviting a new generation to discover its awe-inspiring power and intensity.

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