Oreo Themed Room at Chessington

New Themed Hotel Rooms Open at Chessington World of Adventures Resort

by Theme Park Magazine

Chessington World of Adventures Resort has recently introduced two new themed hotel rooms, adding a unique twist to its themed accommodation offerings. Located in the resort’s Safari Hotel, these rooms are designed around popular children’s snacks and drinks, Oreo cookies, and Capri-Sun juice drinks, offering guests a unique experience.

Capri-Sun Inspired Accommodation

The first of these new additions draws inspiration from the Capri-Sun juice drink, incorporating elements of the jungle in its design to reflect the drink’s adventurous spirit. This room features jungle-inspired bedding and bathroom decor, neon lighting, and a mini-bar stocked with Capri-Sun drinks. A unique feature of this room is a slide, adding an element of fun and playfulness to the guest experience.

The Oreo-Themed Room

The second room is entirely themed after Oreo cookies. It features a custom bed that resembles an Oreo cookie, allowing guests to ‘sandwich’ themselves in for the night. The room is decorated with images of hundreds of Oreos, from a milk trail leading to a bunk bed that mimics a stack of cookies to wallpaper in the bathroom showcasing the iconic biscuit design. The hotel ensures that guests have an ample supply of Oreo cookies to enjoy during their stay, fully embracing the theme.

Additional Perks and Amenities

Karl Phipp, Hotel Operations Director at Chessington World of Adventures Resort, highlighted the new rooms as additions to the variety of themed rooms already available at the Safari Hotel.

“We’re excited to add these two tasty new hotel bedrooms to the existing themed rooms already at our Safari Hotel,” said Phipp. “Hopefully, families will find them ‘delicious’ and after a day enjoying our theme park and zoo, a stay in a room with your own slide or OREO-shaped bed simply continues the fun.”

Benefits for guests staying in these themed rooms include early check-in and early access to the theme park and rides, as well as complimentary access to the hotel’s Savannah Splash Pool and free parking.

A Diverse Range of Themed Rooms

Chessington World of Adventures Resort is known for its themed hotel accommodations, offering guests a range of rooms inspired by various adventures, animals, and now, popular snack and drink brands. These include the Jumanji Room, Gruffalo Room, Room on the Broom Room, and others inspired by African wildlife and adventures.

The introduction of the Oreo and Capri-Sun themed rooms marks a creative approach to hotel accommodations, blending the excitement of the theme park with the novelty of staying in a room inspired by beloved treats. These rooms are available for booking, offering families and theme park enthusiasts a new way to experience their stay at Chessington World of Adventures Resort.

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