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‘Everything is Awesome’ at THE LEGO MOVIE WORLD

LEGOLAND California Resort celebrated its biggest expansion ever last month – THE LEGO MOVIE WORLD. This new area, which opened May 27, is themed around The LEGO Movie and The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part. The land places guests on the streets of Bricksburg where they can explore six interactive attractions as follows:

  1. Emmet’s Flying Adventure. Guests climb onto Emmet’s triple-decker flying couch, which is picked up and “flies” via a full-dome virtual screen (think Disney’s California Adventure Soaring Over California ride) through the lands of Middle Zealand, Cloud Cuckoo Land, Pirates Cove, and more. The ride includes a 180-degree turn at one point.
  2. Unikitty’s Disco Drop. A drop tower ride that takes you to the top of Cloud Cuckoo Land then drops you.
  3. Benny’s Playship. This is a space-themed playground structure.
  4. Queen Watevra’s Carousel. It’s a 60-horse carousel.
  5. Build Watevra You Wa’Na Build Zone. A LEGO brick building zone!
  6. Emmet’s Super Suite. This is Emmet’s apartment where you can meet characters from the movies.
Unikitty's Disco Drop
Unikitty’s Disco Drop (courtesy / ©LEGOLAND California Resort)

“We are so proud of this land because families aren’t just stepping into another brilliant, LEGO® filled world, but also into a popular world based on the huge film franchise that kids and parents love,” said LEGOLAND® California Resort President Kurt Stocks. “THE LEGO MOVIE WORLD truly has something for everyone, and we are excited to welcome more guests to experience this new land which takes them from theater to theme park. It will play a key part in boosting tourism locally in Carlsbad and across Southern California.”

THE LEGO MOVIE WORLD is built on more than two acres of space. Both Merlin Magic Making and Warner Bros. worked closely together to design the land. Merlin Magic Making is the creative in-house project team for Merlin Entertainments.

Emmet's Super Suite
Emmet’s Super Suite (courtesy / ©LEGOLAND California Resort)

According to an informative article in The Orange County Register, “Merlin Magicmakers [sic] raised the height of the existing Heartlake City buildings 20 feet to create an immersive feeling of being in downtown Bricksburg… The goal of Lego Movie World: Create an immersive land that visitors can’t see out of once they step inside. A 40-foot-tall skyline of the Bricksburg movie town will surround Lego Movie World.”

THE LEGO MOVIE WORLD (courtesy / ©LEGOLAND California Resort)

THE LEGO MOVIE WORLD was originally scheduled to open in Spring 2020 but was postponed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

LEGOLAND theme parks are owned and operated by Merlin Entertainments. There are nine LEGOLAND Resorts throughout the world. LEGOLAND California Resort opened on March 20, 1999.

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Feature and all other Photos: (courtesy/ ©LEGOLAND California Resort)
LEGOLAND® and LEGO® are registered trademarks of the LEGO Group

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