Paper Bag World Theme Park

Wow! Paper Bag World Theme Park Announced for Brownsville, Texas

by Joe Tracy, editor of Theme Park Magazine
April 1, 2022

A new 98-acre theme park with 21 rides and attractions is being constructed in Brownsville, Texas, for opening in 2024. Paper Bag World is a theme park aimed at paper-bag enthusiasts worldwide to explore their passion for this utilitarian product.

The park is the brainchild of millionaire grocer mogul Bea Sacke, who came up with the idea when she witnessed her cat jumping into paper bags and ripping the bags into shreds.

“I figured if my cats had so much fun with paper bags then people would have fun, too,” Sacke tells Theme Park Magazine. “Once, my cat was so excited in a bag that he peed in it! I want guests to experience that type of excitement!”

Even NFL fans are obsessed with paper bags, Sacke noted.

“Remember the tens of thousands of New Orleans Saints fans who wore bags over their head every week during the 1980s?” asks Sacke. “There’s also a rich history of paper bag aficionados amongst Cleveland Browns and New York Jets fans. Paper bags are very popular!”

The paper bag industry is a $5.5 billion dollar a year industry, and Sacke feels that even a small slice of that pie will make the theme park profitable.

Paper Bag World Resort and Brownsville, Texas

Paper Bag World logo. The theme park will be opening in 2024 in Brownsville, Texas.

Paper Bag World Theme Park is in phase one of a two-phase project. It will open on July 12, 2024, significant as it is national “Paper Bag Day.”

Phase two will bring the addition of two themed hotels and a themed entertainment district making up what will be known as “Paper Bag World Resort.”

Sacke chose Brownsville for the location of her theme park because it is known as the paper bag capital of the world.

“Brownsville, Texas, is a wonderful place to live,” said the mayor of Brownsville in a press release announcing the park. “Now, it will be a wonderful place to visit, too, thanks to Paper Bag World!”

The park encourages guests to wear paper bags over their heads while visiting the theme park. To encourage visitors to do this, the park will hold a daily pageant where the person with the best paper bag costume will win a year-long pass to the park.

The principal attraction at Paper Bag World will be a dark ride with cars designed to look like cats. The cats take visitors through an enormous paper bag where riders will learn exciting, verifiable facts about paper bags, like:

Paper Bag Sally – Paper Bag World Mascot
  • A paper bag can hold around 10-14 items.
  • Paper bags are safe for pets.
  • Paper bags can be made in different colors.
  • Paper bags can be used to make compost.
  • Paper bags can be used to cool cookies.

Other attractions and rides will include:

  • Paper Bag Puppet Show for kids (and adults)
  • The Popinator (a ride symbolizing microwaved paper bag popcorn)
  • Port of Brownsville (a water ride taking you on a paper bag export adventure)
  • Parade of Sacks (including the park’s mascot, Paper Bag Sally)

When parkgoers enter Paper Bag World, they will travel down Baggie Blvd. to the huge park centerpiece, a 120 foot high, 17-ton sculpture of a paper bag.

Paper Bag World released a promo teaser as part of its announcement today.

Skepticism and Enthusiasm for Paper Bag World

Despite the great and original idea, not everyone is enthusiastic. The Plastic Bag Association of the United States and Canada put out a statement on Twitter stating, “It makes no sense. When people are asked for paper or plastic at the grocery store, 72.387% of them say ‘plastic.’ So why would you design a…” The rest of the tweet was cut off because of being too long.

Other tweets expressed excitement over the new theme park.

  • “I’m looking forward to the in-depth exploration of the history, chemistry, and economics of paper bags,” said @historybuff3987.
  • “My cats would have so much fun here! They’ll be jealous of my season pass that I’m getting on day one!” exclaimed @catladyiam72.
  • “I can’t wait to relive the days of the 1980s Saints when I got to wear my fashionable paper bag to every home game. This park will bring back wonderful memories!” gleams @baghead70118

Sacke, who had great success in the grocery industry, is funding most of the $1.3 billion park. She’s looking for investors to help with phase two.

“I’m hoping to get a few big investors like Jackson Galaxy, Kroger, or Duro Bag,” says Sacke. “It’s a great investment opportunity because people worship paper bags and that’s not sack religious.”

Theme Park Magazine will assign a writer full-time to this project now that the cat is out of the bag. Next time you are in the grocery store and you are asked “paper or plastic?” be sure to answer “Paper Bag World, please.”

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