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Walt Disney Imagineering Testing Stunning Disneyland At Home Ride Kit

by Joe Tracy, editor of Theme Park Magazine
April 1, 2022

Theme Park Magazine has obtained images of Walt Disney Imagineers testing a new “Disneyland At Home” ride kit that will allow families to enjoy the Disneyland experience when at home.

The ride kit comes with a ride vehicle (the same ones shown in the test images below) and one page of instructions. For an immersive experience, the ride vehicle can be placed in front of a TV screen with YouTube ride POV (Point of View) videos playing. Buyers are also encouraged to purchase “Disney Ride Scents” that can further envelope riders in the experience.

Disneyland At Home Test Images

Here are some initial test photos that Walt Disney Imagineering provided Theme Park Magazine showing Imagineers testing the Disneyland At Home ride kits with their families:

Walt Disney Imagineers have reported that kids have thoroughly enjoyed the Disneyland At Home ride kits.
A “future Imagineer,” who wants to follow in his father’s footsteps, is excited for the first test run of the Disneyland At Home kit.
Mom and dad bring home the new Disneyland At Home ride kits (this version comes with a friction carpet) for testing.
Two Walt Disney Imagineers instruct their kids on how to act during the ride tests of the Disneyland At Home ride kit.
The Disneyland At Home Ride Kit will be able to accommodate adults, too.
Imagineers found that cats, in particular, have shown an interest in the ride vehicle, making it a true family-fun experience.

Walt Disney Imagineering says the initial test results were “highly successful” with most ride participants yelling, “Again, Daddy!” or “Again, Mommy!” or “Again, Honey!” over and over and over and over and over and over and over again and again and again.

Disneyland At Home Cost

Once approved, the Disneyland At Home ride kits will go on sale at Disneyland Resort and the Shop Disney Website for $129.99 plus shipping. D23 members will be given a promo code for 1% off. The first 1,000 orders will also receive a Disneyland At Home limited edition trading pin.

Ride Recommendations for a More Immersive Experience

The one-page instructions will also recommend ways to make the ride more “immersive” including:

  • Placing the ride vehicle in front of a TV with YouTube POV ride videos playing.
  • Placing fake trees or plants on the sides of the ride areas.
  • Buying new “Disneyland Ride Scents,” including Tiki Room Rumble and Dumbo Delights.
  • Turning off main room lights and using colored wifi lighting, then changing the lighting using your cell phone.
  • Playing music during the ride through Disney’s new Disneyland Ride Music subscription channel.

A series of accessories sold separately are also being created for Disneyland At Home, including a “friction carpet” that allows ride vehicles to go 8/10th of 1% faster than on normal carpet.

Stay tuned to Theme Park Magazine for further updates on the release date.

Explore More (Videos)

This is video of an earlier version of Disneyland At Home ride testing in 2020

This is video of a more advanced vehicle ride testing in 2020. This model was abandoned due to cost.

Here’s video of another early testing of a different ride at home concept. It was determined that stairs were a bad idea.

In 2016, Walt Disney Imagineering did animal testing on a different concept for “Disneyland at Home”

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