Immersive industry summit

The Immersive Industry Homecoming Summit Highlights Day One

Aug 30, 2021
Here is a review of the first day of the 2021 Immersive Industry Homecoming Summit in Las Vegas...

Adventure Lab

Adventure Labs is a new company that brings together veterans from Pixar and Oculus Story Studios to create VR-based escape rooms that are bought like ticketed events. This innovative idea is the brainchild of President Kim Adams and CEO Maxwell Planck, who have a wealth of experience in animation and VR storytelling.

Adventure Labs' VR escape rooms use live-actor hosts to lead the story and provide an immersive experience for players. These hosts have a script to improvise from and embody different cartoon-like avatars that can talk to the players. With the use of VR technology, players are transported to a virtual world where they can interact with their environment and solve puzzles to progress through the story.

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