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teamLab Delivering Beautiful Immersive and Artistic Experiences

ExperiencesThemed ExperiencesteamLab Delivering Beautiful Immersive and Artistic Experiences

by Joe Tracy, editor of Theme Park Magazine

It’s been a busy year for the art collective teamLab group which has recently delivered several beautiful immersive and artistic experiences, with a lot more to come. Here’s a closer look at what teamLab has been doing since December 2021:

Megaliths in the Garden – China

On December 23, just before the new year, teamLab opened Megaliths in the Garden, a permanent installation at One ITC Mall, which “responds to the movement of the people around it, changing and transforming for eternity.”

According to teamLab the experience “seeks to transcend the boundaries between the self and the world as well as the boundaries in our perception of the continuity of time, through art. This artwork can be experienced by anyone and everyone. As people immerse themselves in the work and become one with it, the time-space of the body, the time-space of the city, the time-space of the endless cycle of life overlap.”

Here are three photos of Megaliths in the Garden:

Gold Waves – China

On December 30, 2021, teamLab unveiled a massive 112-meter long moving art work, titled Gold Waves. It is artistic immersive experience where waves emgulf the imagination of people at Lujiazui Station in central Shanghai. The art space spans the length of a new underground transit corridor that connects the no.2 line with the no.14 line.

teamLab says that the waves and their movement are simulated within a computer-generated 3D space. According to teamLab, “The water is expressed as a continuous body after calculating the interactions of hundreds of thousands of particles.” teamLab uses a process called Ultrasubjective Space to turn the waves into artwork.

Digitized Kairakuen Garden – Japan

On February 1, 2022, teamLab unveiled the Digitized Kairakuen Garden at Kairakuen, a historic and beautiful landscaped garden, created at the end of the Edo Period (1842), in Mito, Ibaraki. teamLab overlayed an immersive and colorful light art experience throughout the environment.

teamLab’s art experience explores how nature can be turned into a stunning art form without harming it.

teamLab shares the following insight in relation to this project:

“The forms and shapes of nature have been created over many years and have been molded by the interactions between people and nature. We can perceive this long duration of time in these shapes of nature themselves. By using the shapes, we believe we can explore the boundary in our perception of the long continuity of time.”

Here are three pictures of the finished project which was available to the public in February and March (Note: the featured image at the top of this article is also from teamLab’s Digitized Kairakuen Garden project):

Proliferating Immense Life – Sunrise and Sunset, A Whole Year per Year – Singapore

teamLab’s Proliferating Immense Life – Sunrise and Sunset, A Whole Year per Year is a computer-generated artistic expression that changes with the time of day and time of year. The experience is located in CapitaSpring, a 51-story skyscraper in the Raffles Place Central Business District of Singapore. Part of the beauty of the art is that it reacts to real-time happenings. For example, if there are butterflies in the art, they will fly away when an elevator door opens. The process remains original, however, as the work is always changing and evolving so that the exact same experience is never duplicated.

According to teamLab, the goal is to “transcend the boundaries between the self and the world as well as the boundaries in our perception of the continuity of time, through art. As viewers immerse themselves in the work, the time-space of the viewer’s body, the time-space of Singapore, and the time-space of the endless cycle of life overlap.”

Upcoming and Continuing teamLab Projects

In July, for the eighth time, teamLab will transform an ancient forest into a colorful and artistic digital landscape of wonder. A Forest Where Gods Live will run from July 15 to November 6, 2022, throughout Mifuneyama Rakuen Park in Kyushu (Japan). This is one of teamLab’s largest annual artistic demonstrations with 500,000 square meters of forest serving as a canvas. Part of that canvas includes caves, rocks, and sacred trees.

According to teamLab:

“As we use these shapes and textures, which embody incomparably longer time than humans do, and turn them into art in their entirety, it allows us to transcend such a boundary, making us feel that we are part of an eternal continuity of life.”

teamLab has a new immersive borderless art experience in the plans for 2022. Massless is a 10,000 square meters museum that will open sometime this year in Beijing. The museum will feature large scale installations with “no physical boundary separating them from the viewer’s body, creating a heavily immersive experience.”

The art experience will take full advantage of the floor space and 11-meter high ceilings. There will be more than 40 teamLab art projects displayed, including:

  • Massless Clouds Between Sculpture and Life
  • Resonating Microcosms – Solidified Light Color
  • Massless Suns and Dark Spheres
  • Light Sculpture – Plane
  • Floating in the Falling Universe of Flowers
  • The Infinite Crystal Universe
  • Athletics Forest
  • Future Park

Another project teamLab is working on for the end of 2022 is Impermanent Flowers Floating in a Continuous Sea, a solo exhibition at the Kumu Art Museum in Tallinn, Estonia, featuring immersive waves and blossoming flowers.

According to teamLab:

“This artwork has no beginning nor end, it consists of a single, continuous wave. People who enter the artwork are confronted by this wave mass, and before long, they are drawn in, becoming one with the artwork. They realize that what they perceive as the exterior of the mass is also the interior. The exterior and interior are two sides of the same unified whole, indivisible. They make up a single, seamless existence.”

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teamLab: Digitized Kairakuen Garden that was open for two months (February/March 2022)

A Forest Where Gods Live

Massless – Beijing

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