Wonder Mountain's Guardian

The History of Canada’s Wonderland Ride, Wonder Mountain’s Guardian

The Expedition Theme Park channel, on YouTube, features many in-depth videos on theme parks and ride history. In this video, they take on “The Weird History of the Dark Coaster: Wonder Mountain’s Guardian.”

Wonder Mountain’s Guardian is an interactive hybrid coaster and dark ride. You are tasked with entering Wonder Mountain and fighting the enemies within, including a fire-breathing dragon.

The ride opened at Canada’s Wonderland on May 24, 2014, and is still in existence today. Wonder Moutain’s Guardian, which has a “surprise ending” (the video gives you a spoiler warning before showing it) cost millions of dollars to create.

During “haunt season” the ride is transformed into an “attack the Zombies” adventure.

Expedition Theme Park delves into the history of the ride and what makes it both odd and unique. It also shows footage and talks about how the ride was created.

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