Liseberg Underlandet Dark Ride

Liseberg Underland Dark Ride Adds Character to Rabbit Land

The last time Liseberg added a dark ride to its theme park in Gothenburg, Sweden was more than 40 years ago. That streak is now over thanks to a creative dark ride called Underlandet (“Underland” in English) that takes people down a rabbit hole and into the colorful and creative world of the Liseberg Rabbits.

Underland was added as an expansion to Liseberg’s Kaninlandet (“Rabbit Land” in English) at a cost of around 15 million Euros ($18.2 million U.S.). The Underland ride was built in the area that the children’s theatre used to occupy.

In Underland, guests board a four-person vehicle and take a nearly three and a half minute ride into the secret underground land of the Rabbit Land rabbits.

“Since the Rabbit Land was built in 2013, our guests have got to know the characters above ground,” says David Schofield, Creative Director at Liseberg. “What the rabbits have done underground have been a secret – until now.”

This Liseberg Underland teaser shows some of the amazing visuals (see full ride video in Supporting Media below):

Underland was originally scheduled to launch in April 2020. But the COVID-19 Pandemic forced the reveal of the ride to be delayed until June 3, 2021, when Liseberg reopened to the public.

The following companies provided their creative skills for the creation of the Underland dark ride:

Underlandet Dark Ride at Liseberg
Liseberg Underland Dark Ride

Underland uses the intellectual property of Liseberg – the Liseberg Rabbits of Rabbit Land. Rabbit Land first opened at Liseberg in 2013.

The Underland dark ride project was conceptualized in 2018 with work beginning in 2019. Liseberg faced some criticism after closing their only children’s dark ride, Sagoslottet (“The Fairytale Castle” in English) in 2017. The Fairytale Castle had been a part of the park since 1968.

“With the new Dark Ride, Underland, we will set new standards for this type of experience in Sweden,” says Liseberg CEO Andreas Andersen.

Underland is open now and uses a virtual queuing system. The ride can rotate through 850 guests an hour.

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Full ride video

Kids react to Underland

Feature Photo of Underlandet Dark Ride: (Hedvig Walling / Quarry Fold Studio)

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