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Ride Video: Snorri Touren at Europa-Park in Germany

Theme ParksRide the RidesRide Video: Snorri Touren at Europa-Park in Germany

By Joe Tracy, editor of Theme Park Magazine

Snorri Touren is an impressive dark ride at Europa-Park in Germany. An octopus, Snorri, transports guests to the island of Rulantica where they tour the magical land and undersea wonders.

Snorri Touren Dark Ride Video

This ride video, taken in 2022, is from the Attractions 360 YouTube channel:

Snorri Touren Dark Ride History

Snorri Touren opened in 2019 at the largest theme park in Germany, Europa-Park. The ride is in the park’s Scandinavia land and was made possible after a fire had destroyed the Scandinavia land at Europa-Park in May 2018. It took designer Jora Vision along with Mack Solutions only a year to make the ride a reality.

So what’s the story in the Snorri Touren ride? On the Jora Vision Website, Patrick Marx, Project Manager at Mack Solutions describes it as follows:

“In our story, the fishermen who live in this village have netted Rulantica artifacts and they found Snorri in a barrel. A new friendship grew with the villagers and Snorri found his home in the basement of one of the houses in the Scandinavian area.”

Snorri sets up his own travel agency in the queue line as guests view artifacts found by the fisherman on their way to a tour, thanks to Snorri. From there, guests discover the wonders that Rulantica contains.

One challenge in building Snorri Touren was that the basement the ride was constructed in was only 500-square meters. Here’s a photo from The Making of Snorri Touren video (see Explore More below):

The designers were up to the challenge, perfectly squeezing in a wonderful dark ride adventure for guests. Areas the ride covers include:

  • The magical cellar
  • Magical cave of mermaids
  • Shipwreck with Sirens
  • A Troll forest
  • Another shipwreck
  • Arctic glacier area
  • Svalgur snake domain
  • Vikings town

Be sure to watch the video below for a behind-the-scenes look at Snorri Touren.

Snorri Touren Info

Year Opened: 2019
Ride Time: nearly 6 minutes
Capacity: 4 seats per car
Creators: Jora Vision, Mack Solutions, Mack Animation, Mack Rides
Musical Score: Hendrik Schwarzer

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Snorri Touren – Behind the Scenes

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