Meow Wolf Ride

Ride Video – Meow Wolf Kaleidoscape

Referred to as “a thrill ride for the mind,” the Meow Wolf ride, Kaleidoscape is a creative artistic journey at Elitch Gardens.

Take a journey now with this video by Coaster Studios on YouTube:

The creative dark ride opened on April 20, 2019, at Elitch Gardens in Denver, Colorado. Meow Wolf, which gives artists massive public exposure for their work, focuses on immersive experiences. They have installations in Santa Fe, Las Vegas, and Denver.

“This phenomenally cool new dark ride is jam-packed with unique art scenes,” said Elitch Gardens’ Director of Operations, Lori Kaupp, when the ride opened in 2019. “You’ll want to ride over and over again to see everything that is Kaleidoscape.”

There are eight sections in the ride, each with its own theme and unique artistic design. Meow Wolf calls it “the first artist-driven dark ride the world has ever seen.”

“Meow Wolf artists love amusement park rides,” said Meow Wolf CEO Vince Kadlubek.”They are works of art with architecture, pacing, sensation, color, theme and more. To create a dark ride has been a true dream of ours and we’re deeply honored to work with Elitch Gardens to create the first ride in the world that is also a multimedia piece of contemporary art.”

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