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Ride Video: Monster Mansion at Six Flags Over Georgia

Six Flags isn’t generally known for dark rides and themed attractions. However, at Six Flags Over Georgia, there is one dark ride that has been there since 1967 – Monster Mansion.

Let’s take a ride on Monster Mansion then look at the ride’s history:

Monster Mansion Ride Video

Here is a 2021 ride video of Monster Mansion from YouTube channel Media XR:

History of Monster Mansion

Monster Mansion is a 700-foot long flume log ride with more than 100 animatronic characters. The ride was originally opened in 1967 under the name, “Tales of the Okefenokee: The Old Plantation Legends.

In 1980, a fire and mechanical issues caused the ride to be closed. Gary Goddard Entertainment (now Legacy Entertertainment) came on board and helped refurbish the ride, along with AVG Productions, into “Monster Plantation.” For the ride story, guests were invited to a “Monster Picnic.” But guests wander into a dangerous area – The Marsh.

In 2008, Monster Plantation closed and Gary Goddard Entertainment was brought in again to renew and refresh the ride. On May 16, 2009, Monster Mansion opened to the public. It was a lot like Monster Plantation, but with upgraded technology and effects.

How Six Flags Over Georgia Describes Monster Mansion

“There’s a party over at Monster Mansion and everyone is invited! Usually, this is a VIP-only event for the wildest and weirdest of monsters, but this time, humans can come too…

Climb in your boat and drift into the flooded mansion, if you dare! Every ‘body’ is getting ready for the picnic, but hopefully, those tasty humans won’t be the main course. You’ll float through the bog where dementedly devious creatures are crawling around every corner and even flying through the air! It’s an entire world of extremely colorful and creative beasts, with faces you’ll never forget. At the monster reunion, all the funny furry ones have come out to play. Whether tiny or giant, these monsters are having the time of their lives.

A spirit made of smoke beckons you deeper! But don’t go in the marsh—it’s dark and scary in there! Fiery red eyes watch you from the dark, and you don’t even want to know who’s looking. It’s the wildest picnic party in town!”

Explore More

Partial video of the ride from 1967 when it was Tales from the Okefenokee.

Video of the ride when it was Monster Plantation.

The Legend of Disney Imagineer’s Monstrous Six Flags Ride
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