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Movie Park Germany Opens Studio Tour Roller Coaster

Theme ParksTheme Park NewsMovie Park Germany Opens Studio Tour Roller Coaster

Movie Park Germany has opened a new Hollywood-themed roller coaster, Movie Park Studio Tour. The ride is a hybrid between a dark ride and a roller coaster. It travels through 12 different Hollywood scenes and goes forward and in reverse.

The highlight of the ride is when the coaster gets caught in a tornado and goes flying in reverse.

Here’s a ride video posted by Ride Reviews on YouTube:

The coaster is a Multi Dimension Coaster created by Intamin Amusement Rides. The ride’s theming, sets, and animatronics were created by P&P Projects. Preproduction work, including the storyboard and 3D designs, were completed by the Leisure Expert Group.

The ride includes wind, smells, animations, and visual effects. It took two years to design and build. The soundtrack for the ride was created by IMAscore.

The park says that Movie Park Studio Tour is Europe’s first multi-directional roller coaster and first coaster to accelerate backward.

“The world of Hollywood is incredibly diverse and appeals to a wide audience,” says Manuel Prossotowicz, Creative Project Manager and Director Brand Development. “That is why we have integrated different film genres and topics into the ride. From action flicks to disaster films to entertaining behind-the-scenes looks at a movie production, everything is included.”

The ride occupies the building that used to house Ice Age Adventure and the Wrong Turn haunted house maze. Movie Park Germany is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The park contains 40 attractions.

(images courtesy of: © Movie Park Germany)

Explore More:

Extended Trailer for Movie Park Studio Tour (including behind the scenes)

Tour of Ride (in Dutch)

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