Taikasirkus - Circus Themed Dark Ride

Ride Video: Enjoy the Taikasirkus Dark Ride at Linnanmäki

Are you ready for a trip to the circus (sirkus)? Taikasirkus is a dark ride at Linnanmäki in Helsinki, Finland. Linnanmäki originally opened on May 27, 1950.

Taikasirkus is a circus-themed dark ride that originally opened in 2005, replacing a ride called Around the World that used the same track and cars.

Taikasirkus Ride Video

Here is the Taikasirkus ride video, courtesy of the Ride Review YouTube channel:

Taikasirkus Ride Experience

Guests sit on a two-seater suspended car and are taken on a slow journey through a family-friendly Taikasirkus (magic circus) experience with many animatronic characters. The ride starts outside the circus where it appears an animal has escaped its cage. Guest then see the ring master welcoming them as the ride enters the circus tent and goes through the whole circus experience. One thing Monty Python fans notice instantly is the Monty Python music that plays throughout the ride.

There are several people who find this dark ride “creepy.” Are you one of them?

Taikasirkus Info

Year Opened: 2005
Ride Time: Nearly 5 minutes
Designers: REX Studios Ltd.
Ride System Developer: WGH Transportation Engineering

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